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BS Group was established in early 2011.

The main business line of our company is a provision of a full range of services in development and maintenance for retailers, which is a unique product on the Russian market, covering a full cycle of equipping, opening and servicing of shops. Using both new and time-proved technologies, we provide convenient, fast and professional solutions.

BS Group owns several manufacturing facilities in Moscow and Samara, which makes it possible to produce a wide range of products and cover about 80% of the territory of Russia.

We provide services in design, development and assembly of retail store fixtures and decorative accessories, manufacturing and installation of promotional structures, and much more. We create solutions customized to your needs and requirements and will do our best to bring to life even your daring and unusual projects!

BS Group - we help you to grow!

Store Fixtures Manufacturing

Special fixtures and furnishings is a basic need of each and every retail establishment, a showroom or a stand, because their selling success directly depends on this equipment's functionality, convenience for shop assistants, attractive look and ability to present the goods from the best perspective. And the more customers will visit you, the greater will be the level of your company's income.

Among the various types of store equipment your choice depends on your requirements, budget and preferences.

We manufacture following types of retail store fixtures:

  • Colored MDF fixtures of any complexity: front desks, gondola shelvings, сounters, etc.
  • PVC or plastic laminated MDF fixtures
  • Fixtures made of aluminum profile (display cases, counters)
  • Glass fixtures
  • Economy panels and accessories
  • Fixtures made of particle board: front desks, cabinets, counters, display cases, etc.
  • Store and warehouse metal shelving units
  • Store fixtures made of solid wood and veneer
  • Island fixtures of various shapes and complexity
  • Delivery and assembly throughout Russia
  • Warranty and post-warranty service

We produce retail store equipment, and we do it well. Our store fixtures effectively operate in shops all around Russia. We can fulfill orders at short notice by your draught or design or manufacture a fixture based on a model of another manufacturer.

Metal Fixtures Manufacturing

Durability and stability of metal fixtures make it possible to produce units of various design and smoothly blend them in any store interior by combining metal with other materials.

The most popular metal equipment in many of retail shops are shelving units. A standalone shelving unit or a case is a fixture of multipurpose design and can have any length, width, height, number of shelves for the goods and be completed with a variety of accessories, including drawers and economy panels made of metal, plastic or MDF. Island shelving units give you an opportunity to place goods on both sides of it, and thus it can be maneuvered according to the unique layout of your store for your current goals. For example, you can use shelving units to guide your customers through a desired pathway and use a free-standing island unit for presenting promotional items.

Our company manufactures various kinds of metal fixtures:

  • All-purpose shelvings units for supermarkets
  • Custom shelving systems
  • Island fixtures
  • Fixtures made of combined materials: metal, plastic, glass, wood, particle board, MDF (tables, displays, cabinets, décor, etc.)
  • Accessories for shelving units (shelves, shelf support, brackets, etc.)
  • Accessories of various purpose (hooks, dowels, bars, support sticks, mobile information holders, holders for accessories, small items, etc.)

Our company offers manufacturing of both standard metal shelving units and units based on your draught or design, as well as production of any shelving fixtures based on a model of another manufacturer. We can also offer you development and production of exclusive solutions customized for your stores.

Store Fixtures Development

While creating a retail layout, you want to make it as functional, convenient and attractive as possible. You can choose one of standart furnishing solutions, but if you want your retail space to go perfect with a product you sell, have a strong identity and make your brand recognizable by customers, we can offer you development of custom store fixtures and furnishings.

Our team of professionals has an extensive experience in creation and manufacturing of custom retail store fixtures, including displays, shelving units, exhibition stands, island units and many more.

Our company's main line is development and production of original retail fixtures of custom size. We consider all your requirements and wishes for the product's design and performance, as well as enrich it with our knowledge based on years of experience in this field.

We offer following services in store fixtures development:

  • Creating a concept and design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Designing custom fixtures for retail
  • Crafting fixtures for retail at our own manufacturing facilities
  • Delivery and assembly throughout Russia
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
3D Model

Promotional Structures Manufacturing

Our company provides designing, manufacturing and installation of both interior and exterior promotional signs, graphics and structures.

Our own manufacturing facilities make it possible to complete orders of any complexity as fast as possible. Our experience lets us offer the most effective solutions for optimizing your production and expenses on installation of promo structures.

We offer our customers the widest range of services - from design to installation and registration of produced items. In addition, we provide warranty service, maintenance, repairs and upgrade of promo items.

Capabilities of our manufacturing facilities feature:

  • Design and makeup of promotional products
  • Prototypes/mock-ups design
  • Printing of promotional products
  • Full-color printing (film, banner, paper, wallpapers, backlit)
  • Lamination
  • Plotter cutting
  • Cutting (plastic, composite, glass, etc.)
  • Laser cutting of plexiglas items
  • Production of shaped elements (hemispheres, panel-mounting brackets, letters)

Interior promotional structures:

  • Stands and information boards
  • Consumer corners
  • Display friezes
  • Navigation structures
  • Plates
  • Light panels (frame, crystal, acrylic)
  • Business cards, brochures, flyers, bags

Exterior promotional structures:

  • Lightboxes
  • Film for window displays
  • Street signs, roll-ups
  • Light letters (of any complexity)
  • Panel-mounting brackets
  • Posters, banners with or without eyelets

We also do delivery, mounting and dismantling of promotional structures in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Store Services

We offer our professional assistance with your retail business maintenance. By working with us, you cut down your company's expenses and get a team of excellent specialists in various fields. No longer you will have to search and hire technical staff, pay their taxes and holidays and purchase special equipment for their work.

We are ready to undertake all activities related to technical and economical retail store servicing. Our warehouse in the center of Moscow and detailed database of our customers' businesses let us permanently keep in stock most popular materials for standart repairs. Your staff just need to send us an application with description of an issue via our online customer service system, call us or write an e-mail, and our specialists will arrive to your shop as soon as possible. Moreover, at least ones a month our workers will be checking your shops against an agreed check-list in order to prevent possible defects of equipment and consult you about planning of work for the next period.

Our service department offers following services:

  • Retail store technical servicing
  • Store relocation
  • Installation and repairs of store equipment
  • Exterior promotional structures repairs

Turn-Key Shop

To open a successful shop you need to think over it's design and prepare the space, equip it with everything necessary for work, make sure that the store attracts attention from the outside and looks as well perfect inside.

After you open a store, on a regular basis you need to take care of it's equipment and furnishings and fix any possible issues and defects as quickly as possible, because one impression after visiting your store can build or totally ruin your customers' general opinion about your company and directly affect the possibility of seeing them in this shop in the future.

We provide a complex solution for opening and supporting your store that lets you not be distracted by routine trivia, but only make decisions on key solutions prepared by our experts. Our job is to take care of the rest:

  • Measurement facilities
  • Development and coordination of the shop's design
  • Installation of promotional structures
  • Development of store fixtures from drawings to real samples
  • Production of store fixtures and promotional structures at our own manufacturing facilities
  • Delivery, assembly and locating store fixtures as provided by the design
  • Installation of interior and exterior promotional structures
  • Equipping of back rooms
  • Technical servicing in accordance with an agreed basic package
  • Warranty and post-warranty service

Brand Book Creation

Brand book holds the entire information about your brand, from it's positioning and philosophy to key components of it's visual identification and smallest details of each identity element.

Developing a brand book lets you structure and organize all the information around your brand, visualize all the basic ideas, and develop guidelines for preserving your brand's style and identity in all interactions with it's target audience.

We develop for you:

  • Description of your company's values, philosophy and mission
  • Description of your brand's key identifiers
  • General concept for you brand's retail establishments
  • Logo: dimensions, proportions and palette, rules of application, description of possible and restricted colors and elements to be used in or with the logo
  • Logo scaling options, possible and additional attributes of the brand's identity support
  • Recommendations for retail stores' layout design based on zoning, distribution of streams of customers and features of the brand concept and products
  • Furniture and promotional structures design (exterior and interior), manufacturing of prototypes at our own facilities
  • Trade dress/packing design for consumer brand's products
  • Promotional products and POS-materials for a consumer brand
  • Staff Uniforms

Ordering creation of a brand book, you get a comprehensive manual for your employees and provide them with all essential principles, methods and scenarios for your brand's positioning.

BS Group

BS LLS (rus.: ООО «БC»)

115114, 11/10 structure 17, 5th entrance, Letnikovskaya street, Moscow
(rus.: Москва, Летниковская, 11/10, строение 1, подъезд 5)

Our office is located on the territory of "Capital House" Business Center
(rus.: “Кэпитал Хаус”)

Phone: +7 (499) 390-62-07

E-mail: mail@bskit.ru